Finish Line Sensor

Hey Guys,

So I'm building a 2 lane laser finish line sensor for use with cars or snowmobiles and I have run into some problems.

Picture of project

I'm not entirely sure how to get the sensors i have purchased working correctly.

I have three options for sensors available (Ambeint light sensor, light to frequency, Photodiode) for use with this project.

They are as follows:

TEPT5700 Datasheet

TSL237S-LF Datasheet


I need help with the determining the following:

What sensor would work best for this application.
How to wire that sensor for use with what I have.
Any coding tips required for chosen sensor.

Any help would be gladly appreciated.

The sensor you choose really depends on the wavelength of your laser that you are trying to detect. One of those sensors is more for the visible spectrum and the other goes into the IR range as well.

A laser is a poor choice for a tripwire.
Very hard to align and to keep aligned over distance.
Unmodulated light and a photo diode is also very sensitive to ambient light.

A common 3-pin remote control receiver with a narrow beam IR diode is much easier.
Recently tested a setup with only 120mA peak LED current (60mA average), no optics,
and 60meter distance in broad daylight was not a big problem.
The 'beam' is about 5mm in diameter, and a reaction time of 1/1000 sec shouldn't be a problem.
Working example code here.