Finished ID-20 RFID Reader, differs from Practical Arduino Text (for future ref)

I just finished the RFID project as described in the Practical Arduino book. After much headache I found slight differences I though I might document for future reference and in an attempt to save others from hassle.

  • the LED schematic is generally wrong both in book and their website, the indicator LEDs should be wired: 5v ---- resistor ---- >|red LED, Pin 13, resistor ---- >|green LED ---- ground

  • the sketch as found on GitHub and other common websites is relative to older releases of Arduino IDE (1.0 won't wort, I used alpha 0022)

  • In the code Serial.Print(tagbytes[5], HEX) should be changed to Serial.Print(tagbytes[5], BYTE) or serial monitor will display HEX for the value of the card

hope this helps someone, I searched the web without any answers until noticing the difference in IDE releases

Thanks for posting,