Fio V3 Initial Install/Upload

Hello All,

I grabbed a Fio V3 and am having trouble uploading to it. I followed the procedure described at:

Here is what I observe when trying to upload the BareMinimum example. I select the Sparkfun Fio V3 board and the com port identified in the device manager. I begin the upload and the code compiles, then several seconds after the status switches to "uploading" I see the device manager refresh as if I unplugged a device and the Fio shows up on a different com port (always one port higher than the original). A few seconds later it refreshes again and shows the Fio connected to the original port, then after up to several minutes the upload ultimately fails. I do not manually press the reset button at any point during the process (I know several arduino products require this). Is this behavior typical? What could be causing this? Thank you for your help.

I faced a similar issue when I used a Fio V3 in my project. GitHub - yeokm1/vibrate_alarm_clock: An alarm clock with vibration capabilities.

Perhaps you can try this tip I wrote:

"The Arduino Fio V3 is quite a finicky thing. Occasionally it will repeatedly refuse to accept code uploads and just disconnect the USB connection. Unplugging/Replugging the USB cable even to another USB port does not work. Pressing the reset button three times before an upload seems to make it work again."