fio v3


I am trying to program the fio v3 (Reference 1) and Reference 2 to provide 3.3v of power to pin that says "3.3v" when I switch the unit into the "on" position.

can't seem to make any progress. any advice is appreciated - thank you in advance!

I'm sorry I made an error in my post - what I meant to say was the following:

I am getting the voltage at the pins that say "3.3v" even when the Fio is off. I was hoping to be able to program it to control whether or not those pins get power or not based on a certain set of conditions.

Is that possible with this board? Are there other pins I can use to achieve this?

How are you turning the fio off?

Tom.... :slight_smile:

with the on/off switch no? or is that just for show?

Is the 3.3 coming from the Lipo or the USB, unplug one then the other to see where it is coming from.
The on/off may only disconnect the Lipo.

Tom... :slight_smile:

ok well now I just plugged this thing in and my computer doesn't recognize it. no idea how to fix it...

Is that possible with this board?

No. The 3.3V pin will be powered any time the Fio is.