Fire ALarm protocol

hi there does anyone know if an arduino uno can communicate with fire alarm detectors using "Apollo” and “Hochiki protocols it would only be 7 addressable detectors

i know fire alarms use 24v dc and was wondering if i could use optocouplers to take a signal to the arduino and transmit?

thanks alot

this is the only information i can find


Transmission Type Half duplex, serial asynchronous digital
2 wire, Voltage transmit, Current receive
Data format 8 data bits, 1 start and 1 stop bit
Data rate 1200 bits/second
Operating voltage Digital 0 - 24Vdc
Digital 1 - 32Vdc
Operating current Digital 0 - Loop current + 22mA
Digital 1 - Loop current + 0mA
Error checking Byte - Even parity
Message - 8 bit checksum
Command Types Polling, Control, Interrupt and Group
Polling rate 7.5 seconds per loop
Interrupt response time 1.5 seconds max., 1.0 seconds typ

just found this dont know if it helps,_closed_and_digital_protocols_-_what_does_it_all_mean_issue_4.pdf

You will probably need to sign a NDA (none disclosure agreement) to get actual details of their serial protocol. Ask them they might release it to you.