Fire extinguisher system for building

Hi everyone.. Please I need some help!
Can I build a full fire extinguisher system using arduino and gas temperature sensors or it can only be used for smaller projects?
Thank you..

Define “full fire extinguisher system”

Atmel datasheet disclaimer:

SAFETY-CRITICAL, MILITARY, AND AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS DISCLAIMER: Atmel products are not designed for and will not be used in connection with any applications where the failure of such products would reasonably be expected to result in significant personal injury or death (“Safety-Critical Applications”) without an Atmel officer's specific written consent.[/color]

Umm, I would say, no.

Are you prepared to be (morally, legally or otherwise) liable for the possible failure of such a safety critical system?

If not, buy one off the shelf and have a certified someone install it for you and maybe even have your local fire department inspect it. Then if it still fails in case of emergency, at least you know you did everything right.

Safety and legal aspects aside, your question makes no sense.

The terms “full fire extinguisher system” and “smaller projects” are not mutually exclusive.

A building might have only one room, a couple of flame or gas sensors (maybe different sensors for some different gases), and a couple of fire extinguishers. It could have an lcd panel to show it’s working. It could send an sms to the control room. It could have a strobe light on the roof and a siren. That could be a “full fire extinguisher system”, and be a “smaller system” easily handled on an Uno.

But as pointed out the other aspects such as certifications and approvals far outweigh the technical ones.