Firebase.deleteNode strange behavior (Firebase_Arduino_WiFiNINA.h)

I am facing a strange behavior with the Firebase.deleteNode function. Firebase_Arduino_WiFiNINA.h library version 1.1.4 by mobitz.

I want to delete a node at a certain path in a firebase realtime database , and created the following function.

void deleteFBNode(String nodePath)

           Serial.println ("Delete Update Node Received ...");
           Serial.println (" Deleting at:" + nodePath);
            if ( Firebase.deleteNode(firebaseData,nodePath))
               {Serial.println ("Successfully deleted node at:");
                 Serial.println (nodePath);}
             {Serial.println ("Error deleteing data at:");
              Serial.println (nodePath);


if i call this function from the void setup () section , it works well and deletes the node.
while if i call it from the void loop() section based on a trigger condition, it doesn't delete the node and it returns a "Successfully deleted node at:" ... the path provided.

the same nodePath value is passed to the function , and i tested it with passing a constant string value as a nodePath value.

Appreciate any input on this matter.


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