Fireman competetion stopwatch

In Slovakia, there are very popular Fireman competitions...
For instance: Hasičská súťaž Raková - YouTube
I have made fan project - stopwatch.
L. PRUD means - left lane
P. PRUD means - right lane

The stopwatch is started with the button, the second button is used to reset the time.
The left and right jets of a fireman who attempts to hit the target, each target being connected to the ignition contact, are measured.

When the target falls off, the contact is connected and the time stops on the stems, the second time runs until the second target falls.

The program works with the Arduin internal timer (millis).
The system can also be operated on batteries or power banks, the total system take-up is up to 60mA at 5V.

Arduino uses internal Pull-up resistors, so the contact switches against ground to pull-down, resistors and other hardware are not required (of course, we only need 2 buttons to start and reset time).

What we need for a similar that project?
Arduino (any, no matter whether AtMega chip)

  • LCD display 16x2 or 20x4 with I2C converter
  • 2x switch contacts
  • 2x buttons
  • cables :slight_smile:

I think your description is quite complete.
Except for the obvious need of ruggedisation and thorough waterproofing.