Firgelli L12i + Arduino Uno

Hi! I hope you guys could get me on the way.
I got the L12i firgelli linear actuator and the Arduino Uno board. I tried to simply connect the motor's RED and BLACK pin to the battery and give a 3.3 V signal from the arduino to the firgelli 0-5 V input. Result - nothing. I'm really new to electronics. Could you please explain why I didn't get any motor action? Thanks!

Never attempt to power a motor, linear actuator or servo from the Arduino.

Depending on which model L12-I you have, you need either a 6V or 12V power supply and a motor driver.

I did not. The actuator was powered by the battery. The Arduino board was intended to be a voltage input signal provider (0-5 V). But why there was no action?

But why there was no action?

Probably because the voltage or current is too low, or you connected it incorrectly.

You will get a more detailed answer if you explain exactly which linear actuator you have, and exactly how and to what you connected it.


I had a look at the datasheet:

The documentation is pretty good so worth a read!

You seem to have the "I" version that has a number of control input options.

Perhaps go for the servo option and try out a servo sketch.

And yes you can hook up the servo output of the Arduino directly to the actuator servo input.

Best of luck, Alan0

The datasheet also mentions that there are 6V and 12V models, but the OP doesn't seem to think that is important.

Do you have a common ground between the actuator and the arduino?

Servo mode looks like the easiest control method as long as it will it work with 3.3v input signal.
PWM mode seems pretty simple too but needs to be a 5 volt input for full range.

Thanks for all the replies. That’s how i wired it up. Lead 2 (the 0-5 V input) is connected to arduino 3.3 V constant output. The actuator is powered by the 6V battery. The actuator of course is 6V. And no result :confused: There is no grounding between arduino and the motor, only one wire.

There is no grounding between arduino and the motor, only one wire.

That will never work. Connect the grounds.

Can i pass 6V current through the arduino?

Aye, grounds must be connected. The current does not run through the arduino.

If you give 3.3v on lead 2 , if it was hooked up properly it should move to a position and stay there. This input is meant for voltage controlled position with a potentiometer. 3.3 volts will never give full range. It should give you an idea if it works though.

Hook up one signal wire from an arduino digital pin to lead 4 of the actuator. Connect grounds. Then run servo sweep example.

You could also use pwm (analogWrite). If you do, use pins 5 or 6 (The firgelli wants a 1khz signal).

Good luck!

DID IT!! Thank you all for the tolerance towards my primitive questions! :]

have you a photo from the connection ? Have you a code for it ?