Firmata, Arduino, TLC5940 and ssc-32

I'm running into a slight problem with my project. I'm using firmata in c#. I have downloaded the TLC library and everything works great when I upload sketches and run them. But what I want to do is have a computer program control the TLC chip through the firmata connection. So first question, is there a way of converting the TLC library to be used in visual studio in c# coding?

The second half of my project is controlling an ssc-32 (servo controller). Now the arduino has a TX line (digital port 1) and it has built in functions for serial out to that line. I've read lots of success stories about writing sketches and controlling this card. But is there a way of adding the serial.println into the firmata program so that I can control the SSC through the arduino through the computer?

I know this is a lot to accomplish, but I'm guessing that many of you have already done this and it may just be an easy answer. Or maybe an easy no. I'm just wondering if it were possible and if any of you could give me pointers. Thank you.

Just if anyone cares, I got this to work. Right now I am working on writing the software in visual studio that talks to the arduino using firmata. The Arduino then delegates to either the TLC5940 chips or the SSC-32 depending on what I told it to do.

Here is a link to what I've done so far.

Good luck to everyone else on their projects. If you would like the code I wrote and modified let me know. Thanks.

Very cool! I like the glowing red eyes best.