Firmata - I2C and turning on oscillator

When using a sample program to interface with a 7 segment led, it looks like it turns on the oscillator by sending "0x21" to it..

I am using firmata and controlling the segment display from a c# program.. I am using the LattePanda arduino library for all of this and while I can control the display once the oscillator is turned on via the code snippet below.. I cant figure out how to turn it on without running the sample code and then uploading firmata after its turned on..

Can anyone tell me how to turn on the oscillator via firmata?

void Adafruit_LEDBackpack::begin(uint8_t _addr = 0x70) {
  i2c_addr = _addr;

  Wire.write(0x21);  // turn on oscillator  
  setBrightness(15); // max brightness

Nevermind, I figured it out..

Nevermind, I figured it out..

It's a good thing that you described what the problem was, and how you solved it, so others can benefit.

Well, it would have been, if you had.