Firmata Leonardo: an not set digital pin =out


I am stuck with the following issue:

I have:

  • Python 3.7 running on Win10
  • Arduino IDE 1.8.9
  • Firmata 2.5.8
  • On Leo I have Sketch "StandardFirmata" running

I am able to read analog port(s) with:

adc_value= board.get_pin("a:1:i")

I can turn on a led using:


But this is not working:

led = board.get_pin("d:13:o") # No Error displayed have tried other pins like "7"

I have used an idle shell and went step by step and o
a *.py script with delay -> no difference

Question: How an I trouble shoot issue any further?

Any construtive idea wellome

Thank you

PS: Also the "Firmata_Test.exe" is nor working - > an select Port but nothing happens

Bitte um √úbersetzung.... :o