Firmata & Port 2 of ATMega328


By Port 2, I mean pins 8-13.

For some bizarre reason, port 2 of my ATMega328 doesn't respond to any commands sent from processing via the Firmata library. However, using the Firmata_test.exe, everything works, including the ledpin, which leads me to conclude that it's not a hardware problem.

I'm using the latest versions of both Processing and Arduino, as well as the libraries.

The StandardFirmata sketch is loaded on the Arduino, while on the Processing side, I'm using the ArduinoOutput sketch. Again, all pins from 2-7 work perfectly fine - jumping from 0 - 4.97 volts when asked to. But nothing from pins 8 - 13 respond.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Further Info.

Windows 7, x64. Processing/Arduino interfacing. Arduino Duemilanove (ATMEGA328) Works when using Firmata_test.exe, not when using standard example sketch. (Or any other from Processing)