Firmata troubles, overflow maybe?

I'm having an issue with a project I'm working on. I've written software to control an arduino using a firmata connection. The arduino then controls an ssc-32 servo controller via the tx line and serial.write commands.

After about two minutes of running this program and controlling servos the arduino stops sending information. I can still see the RX LED blinking so I know the software is still sending properly, but the TX LED stops blinking.

If I reset the arduino using the reset button I can once again start my program and it works for about 10 seconds and then the arduino stops sending. Then reset again and I get about 5 seconds worth. If I completely unplug and replug the arduino in I get the 2 minutes once again.

Is there any buffer I could be filling up or any command that the arduino is waiting for or anything else? I've been scouring the internet for a few days now and can't find anything.

I know I'm not exceeding any bandwidth or power issues, since I recently got a power supply for my servos so the arduino is not powering anything but itself and the program works sometimes and doesn't work others. The hardest I'm pushing this thing is maybe 4 commands per second (each command is 3 bytes). I'm running both the incoming and outgoing serial commands at 115200 b/s (I know it's supposed to have the outgoing connection be 9600, but my software wouldn't work that way for some reason).

Anyone have any ideas? This is really starting to bother me. My project is complete aside from this!

Yes is this a case of lack of decoupling on the motors. See:- De-coupling

As a test try removing the servo power, I bet it behaves after that.

I tried disconnecting the servo power supply, no change. Even if I remove the servos completely it still stops sending after a short amount of time. I've restarted the software, restarted the computer and removing absolutely everything connected to the arduino. The only way of making it start sending through the tx port again is either resetting the button on the arduino (works after that for only a few seconds if that long) or unplugging the usb and plugging it back in.

The rx light keeps blinking as though the software is sending but the tx light randomly stops flashing and will not start again until I power cycle the arduino.

Anyone else have any ideas? I'm currently updating the 0017 software to work the way I want it to to see if that might be the problem. Let's hope...

Well, I downloaded the new version of the arduino software and remanipulated all of the firmware files. My project has not frozen since. so apparently there is something wrong with the serial connection in the 0016 firmata libraries. It seems to be fixed now. Just in case anyone was interested to know.