Firmata version? - processing, openFrameworks

I'm using an Arduino Duemilanove 328 with 0017 ide and a danger shield for some i/o - pots, leds buttons...

with arduino I can write some code to read a button or blink an led and it works. :-)

I'm particularly interested in interfacing the arduino to other languages. firmata seems like just the ticket. As I understand it I can load firmata in the arduino and then leave the arduino alone.

Then programing in processing or openFrameworks (c++) [and other languages] I can write code with libraries developed for those languages to read or write analog and digital states - without changing the code loaded into the arduino - just use firmata.

In arduino I installed the examples->Firmata->StandardFirmata from the 0017 ide.

In processing I ran three examples found in Processing Library: (Updated 22 Sept. 2009)

arduino_input does not work arduino_output works arduino_pwm works

I was having some trouble with the c++ openFrameworks so thought I would try the Processing with firmata. After obtaining the results from the three tests above I started searching with google and found a couple threads indicating that there is a problem with the StandardFirmata included with 0017.

Found this thread with some good info:

which mentioned The firmata here didn't fix my processing arduino_input program problem. BUT it did FIX a big problem in openFrameworks! :-)

Any suggestion on the processing arduino_input program problem?

Thanks - jeffa