Firmware Development

I have a board with the following components

Rfduino BLE chip (RFD22301) u-Blox CAM M8Q GPS MPU 9250 (9-axis accel/gyro/magnetometer) Micron N25Q00AA (1 GB flash memory) A switch, resistors, etc.

I would like to gather data from the IMU and the GPS, store in flash, and transmit in comma separated format (if possible, I’m not sure how the new BLE protocols work). I have a barebones firmware written up with most IMU functionality and some GPS. Looking for someone to help code the rest of the functionality. Will compensate of course. Let me know if you’re interested and I can give you more details.


Hi Will, is this the same project you are asking me to look at for you.

If it is then you need to let people know some of the issue we have discovered so that, unlike me, they dont go in blind and discover them, to their peril, along the way.

Also If you are no longer wanting my services let me know and I will return your hardware to you. I have however put in considerable hours finding the problems and highlighting them to you.

Cheers Pete.