firmware for ethernet shield V1.1

Hello everyone,

Currently I do aninternship. I want to familiarize myself with the Arduino system. I'm working on a Duemillanove Arduino and an Ethernet Shield V1.1 (without Wiznet component that is on the new card shield Ethernet).

I want a program that can read values ??from a port and send them on a server apache / php. I was told it was available on google but I can not find. And I do not know much about networking!

I previously tried other programs but it did not work. the arduino is connected to a HUB CISCO and my PC. With my PC and the software Wireshark I spy what is happening on the network but I do not see that trade from my PC.

help me! Thank you in advance!

And sorry for my English but I'm French XD

You need to check the tutorials of the ethernetshield -
especially -

GO through all example projects and read them carefully, that will take time but learning does take time. (your brain needs time to make new pathways :slight_smile:

hopes this helps,