Firmware update issue with MKRWIFI1010

I have tried to use Arduino Iot Cloud, but when I want to upload a sketch, a Firmware update window pops up, I click Update and after that updating takes too long at "Uploading firmware..." stage. At the end I just get this message "The process is taking too long". I tried updating WifiNINA Firmware at Arduino IDE but it doesn't help. When I check firmware version on IDE I get that it is 1.4.5 but on Arduino Iot Cloud it's 1.2.3.
Am I missing on something, or this also happens to other people?

This is unexpected. The latest firmware version is 1.4.7. Where are you seeing the "1.2.3"?

I found that information when I went to device info on my IoT Cloud.

OK, thanks for the clarification. I thought you meant that Arduino IoT Cloud was telling you that the latest available firmware version was 1.2.3. I now understand that it's telling you the version of firmware installed on your MKR WiFi 1010 is 1.2.3.

And this is what I am getting when checking firmware version on IDE: