Firmware update through IoT Cloud

Is there anyway to update the board firmware through the IoT Cloud?

I saw that within webeditor is possible to upload (even through OTA) the code to check firmware version and to update the firmware, tried both but still getting message that the firmware of my board is not update...

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this is a very good and valid question and would like to get a reply as well

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Arduino IoT Cloud will update the board firmware via a browser based process.
To update to the latest firmware of a Nina module (Nano 33 IoT, MKR WiFI1010) you'll have to download the Nightly build of the Java IDE until a new release is available on the Downloads page


  1. how can we check which version I am using via Web Editor?
  2. Can I update via Web Editor to the new version?

or I have to follow these steps install the Arduino Desktop IDE
I found this

I successfully checked the firmware version via Web Editor:

  1. Examples
  2. From libraries
  3. searching firmware
  4. selecting WiFiNINA, CheckFirmwareVersion
  5. uploading the script to the board

I got the following message from the board:

WiFiNINA firmware check.
Firmware version installed: 1.4.1
Latest firmware version available : 1.4.311
Check result: NOT PASSED

    • The firmware version on the module does not match the*
  • version required by the library, you may experience*
  • issues or failures.*

Now I am wondering how to update to the latest version available (1.4.311) without using arduino IDE (that currently on fedora 33 does not work for gtk issues: Gtk-Message: 09:31:44.333: Failed to load module "pk-gtk-module")


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@AndreaFP thanks
I get to the same point.... so

WiFiNINA firmware check.
Firmware version installed: 1.4.1
Latest firmware version available : 1.4.3
Check result: NOT PASSED
The firmware version on the module does not match the
version required by the library, you may experience
issues or failures.

I run Updateter and then check version again ...but is still 1.4.1

Like I said above, you will need to download the Hourly/Nightly build of the Java IDE or go through the Arduino IoT Cloud device provisioning workflow.

here you'll find a box "Hourly Builds".
We are in the process of making firmware updates easier, but by legacy they depend on tools which are released as part of the Java IDE package.

Please bear with us until we do this right :slight_smile:


also keep in mind that the board will still work on IoT Cloud even with 1.4.1
the message reads " [...] you may experience [...]" but it's more of a cautionary message to let you know that if you end up having problems you should try and upgrade the firmware.
The message can be misleading, I know

@ubidefeo I will wait for the official process to make firmware updates... hope to see it soon

hey there
we have released a lot of fixes this pst week, can you try and add your device to IoT Cloud?
This should work out all the firmware updates for you

let me know if it works out :slight_smile:


I connect to IoT Cloud ...I can see I have old version how do we update?

should I run from here? or there is a different way?

in IoT Cloud go to "Devices" and add your device as a new one.
If you have the free plan remove the one you have and add it again.
This will

  • update firmware
  • provision crypto-chip

then associate the device to your thing and you should have everything up-to-date

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I just added new device SAM10

but is still 1.4.1 or
maybe I missed some step?

Oh... got it
then this means 1.4.3 has yet to be deployed to production on IoT Cloud

I think it might be pushed over the next few days.
Please bear with us :slight_smile:

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today I tried to rebuild and now got the option to update :slight_smile:


thanks a lot all is working!

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I just tried myself, there has been a new release 1.4.4 like you've seen.
I'm very happy we've been able to fix your issue.
There might be new updates coming through during the next weeks, but since we've fixed a huge chunk of the process when it comes to reliability it should not present any issues :slight_smile:

have fun

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