Firmware uploaded from artemis firmware uploader gui shows output but not when uploaded from arduino

Hello guys,

I have been trying to upload the basic openlog artemis firmware from arduino gui into my IMU cnnected via usb cable. It gets compled and uploaded successfully, but istead of accelerometer and gyroscope data, I see following message on serial monitor:

Initialization of the sensor returned: Data Underflow
Trying again...

when I upload the same firmware in the form of .bin file from artemis firmwar uploader gui, it successfully uploads and also shows the expected output data on serial monitor.

Does anyone know what might be wrong ? or has anyone faced similar issues previously?

I am attaching both the files for your reference. (144.6 KB)


@joagleena, your topic has been moved to a more suitable location on the forum. Installation and Troubleshooting is not for problems with your project :wink: See About the Installation & Troubleshooting category.

Please post your sketch in a post, not as an attachment. The current link points to your desktop and we don't have access to that.

Where does the bin file come from? Is it the "output" of your compile process?

Just in case, SparkFun has their own forum (; I don't want to chase you away but you might have a better chance there.

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Sure, Thanks !

I have posted it already on sparkfun forum....
Problem was with uncommenting the line from a .h file for initializing the DMP. it works fine now.

Yes, .bin file is generated after compiling.

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