First Arduino Project -- 1-axis gyro (Analog Devices ADXRS620 Eval board)

I am trying to connect an Analog Devices ADXRS620 Evaluation Board to the Arduino. At this point I’m just trying to see a steady voltage when it is not moving, later I want to see the voltage change when it is rotated of course.

Please Help – This is my first project and I was expecting this to be easier.

I must not have it connected correctly. I have analog voltage readings all over the map. Can anyone tell me how to connect this board to the arduino? I am using the Basic AnalogReadVoltage sketch.

I have Arduino +5V to Pin 1 (AVcc)
Arduino A0 to Pin 2 (Rateout)
Arduino GND to Pin 8 (AGND)
AGND to PGND (shorted)
Arduino +5V to Pin 13 (Vdd)

ADXRS620.pdf (801 KB)

UG-149.pdf (123 KB)

Your supply cabling looks correct to me, but it's unclear what further connections may be required, and which is the output pin (RATEOUT?). A sample application circuit diagram would be nice for finding out details. The UG-149 "User Guide" looks like a bad joke to me :-(

You also may have to filter the 14kHz sampling signal and other noise from the output signal. A simple RC filter may work for a first test.

Thank you very much for the reply. I am completely new to electronics. I do not know how to create a simple RC filter.

The problem that I am trying to solve is I need to identify when a machine is starting to yaw, and then create a servo command to counteract the yaw. I thought this would be simple and it probably is, but I may have chosen the wrong single axis gyro to make this a simple setup. Anybody have a nice design that they could share?