First Arduino project: 10-bar LED display

Ok - it's not that exciting, but this is my first time playing with an Arduino. Got two more on the way (including a mega) and big plans for lots of projects (LED arrays, light cubes, robot controllers, OLED displays, camera object recognition) - all of which I'll be posting on my new blog at Paul's Electronics. I've done lots of low-level programming so this should be fun!

Pretty excited to be joining a new community - I'm one of the leaders of the online SQL Server community through my main blog on our site (no advertizing or any of that junk).

Anyway - the first project just hooks up an Arduino to a 10-bar LED array and plays pretty patterns. Pictures and movies at Arduino projects: LED 10-bar array.


PS Next up is controlling a dot on an 8x8 LED matrix using a Parallax 2-axis joystick.