first arduino project: arduino uno + ethernet shield + gsm sim900

I'm working on my first arduino project...
after you read this you might say that there are web services for this but i want to try to do it this way :slight_smile:

gonna stack arduino Uno +arduino ethernet shield + arduino gsm sim900

what i plan:
gsm shield recieve sms
then ethernet shield connects arduino to pc's network
then save sms's remoteNumber(the sender's number) and message to xampp's mysql

im for suggestions on how to program this plan :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

I think it's might be too ambitious for a first arduino project.... what's your experience coding in C++ and using te arduino shields you mention above?

my coding in c++ is quite average and well since it's my first time doing an arduino project.. my experience in using the shields is zero..

I would suggest you start by doing a few tutorials with arduino. Once you understand the basics, play with each shield separately to understand their capabilities and then put everything together