first arduino project

Hi all,

I am new to microcontroller and arduino. But I noticed that I might be able to come up with a device to collect pressure, temperature, and velocity vector. Based on the simple search, I looked at "Using SPI to read a Barometric Pressure Sensor" and "ADXL3xx Accelerometer."

Based on the descriptions, I need 1) Arduino Board

2) ADXL3xx Accelerometer

3) SCP1000 Pressure Sensor Breakout Board : Can't find this sensor

4) Breadboard or prototyping Board : ?? Does this come with package?

What would be the best way to get them without too much cost and would I need additional items to make it work?



As you are new to Arduino and I presume to electronics, I suggest you get familiar with the basics first. You do not state you're programming experience.


Yes, I am new to microcontroller itself, including Arduino. I just completed the 1st round of Basic Stamp Discovery Kit from Parallax Inc. My programming experience is advanced, including linux/unix admin experience.

I don't see any problem in programming. I think I need to know what components I need to buy to make a complete, functional package to collect pressure, temperature, and velocity vector in a model airplane or model rocket.



This "RioRand-10DOF" breakout has already all the the components you need. It has a 3 axis gyroscope (L3G4200D), a 3 axis accelerometer (ADXL345), a 3 axis magnetometer (HMC5883L) and a barometer (BMP085). The barometer also includes a temperature sensor.

However I'd probably advise you to use a different breakout (no description, 25$). I used a breakout called gy80 some time ago and it worked pretty well. It should be available starting from 10$ and it has exactly the same components on it as the above-mentioned.

Furthermore I always prefer using I2C over SPI. I is slightly more difficult for the beginning, but I think if you have multiple devices it's better.

I think I have a library for those components on my computer which allows to get the data from all the sensor at once rather than having 4 different libraries reading out the code. In case you are interested, just write me a pm.

Thank you JoshuaJ,I will write you a message sometime tomorrow. I gotto go to work now. Thanks for help!