First Arduino Project

Well, I was thinking about working with arduino. I have checked the projects, I have found lots of robots and some other projects but needs soldering (but I can’t do it).So I was thinking about creating a basic robot. But i was confused, What type of mission it could do as a basic and simple robot? Obstacle avoiding using IR or UltraSonic,Line or Light following,IR or Bluetooth controlled. Those are the simple robotic missions that i got, but it doesn’t look like missions, anyway. Are you recommending to me to make this robot or make a simple LED, if yes for the robot, so which mission from the missions i said are simple and easy to make?



Well all of the above depends on what your knowledge level is.

Can you make a simple led blink etc?
What projects have you done before?

But if you want to dive in and start a robot I would start with a ultrasonic avoidance robot but I would start with the Ultrasonic sensors work out how that works (so you understand that) then get your motors working once that is done then combine the two sketches.

As for the soldering its really not that hard, but you can just use a breadboard for now.


About soldering, it will burn my hands, well about the robot, i was thinking about creating a toy-like robot, using a IR receiver…But everytime i get an idea about arduino, i get confused because i find lots of good and simple projects other than robots…So i think that i need also ideas for simple projects so i could compare between them…

Soldering will only burn your hands if you do it really, really badly and don’t follow the well known techniques.

Using a breadboard you can make projects with no soldering. and then take them
apart again to build your next project . that way you can build lots of simple projects.
and work your way up to a robot.

Ok, I'm going to use a breadboard...But what can i make, a robot or another project..If you have ideas then please tell me.

Try this tutorial:
gorobotics tutorials arduino

do lots of tutorials


The beauty of a robot is, that if you use a chassis that allows different stuff to be mounted, you don't have to think too far ahead.

I'd go for a chassis in kit form, so that there's no real issue attaching the motors, tried and tested and decent quality. Then get hold of a motor driver board that handles the motors' voltage and power, and write a simple sketch just to move it around backwards and forwards to ensure the motors work and that you know how to control them.

Then add something else, like eg ultrasound and get the robot not crashing into walls.... Then perhaps fit sensors underneath to follow a line.... Then add a TSOPxx IR receiver so you can talk to it with a TV remote, you could for example have "manual" mode where you drive it to the line with the remote's buttons, then switch to "line follow mode" so it runs a different section of code.

With a decent chassis, with enough room, you do anything you like as time goes by.