First arduino project

Good Morning everyone

hey I'm new to the forum I was hoping for some guidance.I'm new to arduino I have read so much info on arduino that my head is hurting. I feel a little outside my comfort zone so I thought I'd ask the experts for advice .

so the project it a fpv drone remote with a built in 5inch screen running on 2 18650lipo batteries. now I originally bought the nano to flash my 3d printer and didn't realise the full capability of the tiny board I was blown away by it

now I'm trying to created and muti menu that functions I want to be able to control the transmitter and the screen via relays screen on / off transmitter on/off
monitor the battery voltages
control the screen brightness
have a warning buzzer and display when the batteries are low
the transmitter has a built in buzzer that I want to send the signal to the arduino to display a message /and use the buzzer on the arduino
now the components I have
4 push buttons
2 relay board
nano arduino board
16x2 lcd with i2c
loads of resistors etc

now I'm not expecting everyone to help me and I'm just writing down what's in my head but any help what so ever would be appreciated I'm a complete noob to this I'm wondering if I'm biting off more than I can chew as this is a completely new style of project for me I might forget then arduino if I can't work out how to make it work for this project but I can't help but be in love with this (my first arduino project)

I apologise for any spelling mistakes or punctuation it's not my strongest quality

thanks for taking the time to read this


Ive started a similar project.

with these sorts of projects its easy to bite off more than you can chew so i would say to tackle it one small step at a time.


thanks George

I think I'm trying to process more than my head can handle I'm struggling with the sketch so far all I can grasp is how to get the lcd to display my name and change screen to loading then to ready
I think its a real good addition to the remote so I really don't want to bin the idea

now I'm trying to created and muti menu that functions I want to be able to control ....

This sounds to be a very ambitious first Arduino project. Maybe you already have extensive PC programming experience?

It's not clear from your Original Post whether you have any working Arduino code or whether you are trying to interface with some existing equipment that you have not programmed.

I agree very much with @georgegohl888 to attack your learning one small piece at a time. That does not mean that you have to "bin" any of your ideas - but it is not practical to do them all at the same time. All successful programs are collections of small parts that can each be tested separately. Have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program


I'm an auto electrician by trade I have had very little to do with code thanks for the link that's exactly what I'm doing finding projects and taking little bits from them I'm guessing it's better to start from scratch and make everything myself I under stand every project is different and I definitely can't find something to modify to fit my needs
I really appreciate your help I think I'm trying to do too much at one time if I can get everying hard wired then work on the code as I go along the way
I don't want to ask someone to write the code for me I want to learn how to do It if that makes sense this could be a one off arduino project or it could lead to something new

I I think I'm trying to do too much at one time if I can get everying hard wired then work on the code as I go along the way

To my mind even that is not a good objective. Learn about the hardware piece by piece along with the software. As your knowledge grows I would expect your approach to some aspects of the project will change - maybe even to extent of choosing different hardware.


Thanks for your advice robin

I have been thinking about what I'm doing today. the link you gave me to another post of yours was a huge help and has made me think completely different
I plan on starting with the voltmeter running 2 pins and then writing the code so I can display seperate voltage for the 2 batteries
I feel my understanding of the whole system was completely wrong you have helped me see the error of my ways I really appreciate your help