first board suggestion needed

I'm starting to learn about Arduino and looking to begin some of the tutorials. As suggested in one of the Arduino books, I'll do the blinking LED exercise. Can someone suggest what board to purchase to get me started. Thanks in advance.

Any board will do as long as it has an USB-connector on board and connectors soldered to it. The standard form factor would be preferable so you can easily use shields. Choose whatever you prefer (eg Arduino Uno, Arduino Duemilanove, Seeduino or any other compatible board) The Mini and Pro have another size. The Mega have a more powerful processor on it and different connectors. They work too, but I woudl go with them only if you think you need them.

You should however consider getting a starter kit with an Arduino, a small breadboard, wires, some resistors, a few LED and other goodies. Here again, you can't really go wrong. Most shops selling Arduino offer those to. Here again, the price and what takes your fancy is the limiting factor. They all offer more than you need to start out.


The Uno would be consider the current 'standard' version. There are a lot of shields that fit this footprint. So, if you can't find a good reason to get another model I would suggest you start there.

Think about what kinds of things you want to do with it might help you narrow it down. Got grand plans with lots of IO, you might want to think about the Mega.

If you already have a breadboard or plan to develop a lot of breadboard projects the nano or boardino would be good choices.

thanks for the suggestions.... I ordered the Uno to get me started. Appreciate the help.