First experiments, Temporary Music Machine

Hello everybody

I started to get into Arduino a little while ago, fantastic device, it's really inspired me.

I've been experimenting with MIDI, the Arduino in the context of music technology is probably my main interest (although I totally love the LED coffee table, might have to try that myself).

Here's one of my first experiments. It's based around that concept that counting in binary creates patterns of 1s and 0s or of course, ons and offs. It occurred to that this could be used to control arrangements in music.



Cheers M.

Nice one! :)

Thanks for the explanation video of what the parts did. It was really neat to hear it after the explanation. I was able to much more effectively hear the differences and enjoyed knowing why they were different.

Why do you call it temporary? What is the point of not making it permanent?


Thanks for the interest, glad it piqued your curiosity. I considered putting an explanation at the start but people have short attention spans (me included).

It's 'temporary' because ...

I pulled it apart at the end It's built with breadboard and hook up wire not PCB and solder Hence it's necessarily temporary as it falls apart easily! Temporary as in there may be others come along to replace it I need the parts for other projects

... and more importantly I guess, because it's only intended to be a quick exploration of a relatively simple idea ... it aint a concerto or a philosophical treatise :) It's a hardware 'sketch'.

As it stands this piece may or may not warrant a permanent version. It would certainly be nice to take some of the ideas into something permanent tho. I'm really interested in doing some large installations of 'collaborative music machines'.

Also by giving it a kind of generic name I'm hopefully suggesting other people go make temporary music machines too. Take the ideas here and run with them, see what happens.