First Grade School Project

Hello All!

Since my son (6) has a school project, I figured I could "trick" it out a bit (and use it as an excuse to my wife to buy an Arduino). Unfortunately the project is due next week and I don't know a lot about the Arduino. Normally I would spend hour upon hours reading up on stuff, but my time is kinda-limited. Perhaps you can help? I'm looking to keep things relatively low cost, but I would like to re-purpose everything for a many yet to be determined projects. For this project I would like to add a motion sensor to my son's dinosaur diorama and have it growl when you approach it. So my questions are:

  1. Do you have any suggestion for which Arduino and what parts to get?
  2. Do you know of any examples that might help me with my project?

Much Appreciated!

welcome to the community.

What you want to do is a distance measurement to get something happening.

First you want to measure distance. May this chapter helps Arduino Playground - HomePage

The you may want switch an existing unit that growls with a transistor. May this helps Transistor controls other power source | Arduino
You can use any Arduino for that job pending on how small the unit shall be. May the best is to buy a arduino uno with a prototype shield...that's always a good starter.

You could use a PIR motion detector.
There are wave shields to play back the sound effects.

my son (6) has a school project


help me with my project


Thank you all for your help. I got an Arduino Uno in transit!

Welcome, and have fun....