First homemade pcb --> DS8 Analog drumsynth clone!

So I took a schematic I found online, here, put it into EAGLE, designed a PCB layout, and made a PCB using the toner transfer/ferric chloride method. And after my 5th (maybe 6th, can't remember) transfer attempt, and my 3rd etch attempt, I produced a working PCB!

The Coron DS8 drum synth is an analog synth made for making drum sounds, as well as other crazy sound effects.

Here's a video of me playing around with the synth, with looping and effects on my KP3.

On an arduino-related note, I plan on making my work-in-progress 8 bit synth/sequencer able to interface with the DS8. Definitely having trigger outputs, maybe another analog output thru PWM to control the CV input of the drum synth.

I guess this got moved to exhibition because it is showing a project I made. I originally had it in the general category because it wasn't really arduino related.


congratulations !

Are you planning to post the design files?


Here are the eagle files:

The schematic is basically unchanged from the original schematic from Marc Barielle’s website (linked to in OP). I think I swapped some of the op amps in one of the 324’s. (also, unused things are not included, such as J7, or R31)
A few notes:
It uses the CA3080, this is currently out of production. When I started to design this board, I did not realize this, and I was too lazy to change my design to accommodate an alternative chip. I found on eBay 10 chips for $5, so I did that.
After assembling the synth, I replaced R8 (3k3ohm) with a 10Kohm resistor, I preferred the results with the 10K.
One potentiometer used is a 2M pot, I could not find one, so I used a dual 1M pot and wired the two resistive elements in series.
The company I used for the components (Tayda electronics, mainly for the really cheap pots) sent me 470ohm resistors instead of 470K, I just used 2 1Mohms in parallel.
Refer to the Barreile website for how to wire up the pots to the board, to all the Jx connections.

This is also my first attempt at manually routing a board! There are some connections I could not fit on a single layer PCB. These are on the bottom layer of the board file. All except one are connections for 5v. There is also one small jumper.
NOTE!!!: There appears to be an error on the board: the GND plane that connects to the 3080 and the nearest 324 appeared to not be connected! Connect this with a jumper.
I did not drill this board, I sorta surface-mounted thru-hole parts. That explains the circles that cover up each hole in the board.
I put screw terminals onto the connections at the edge of the board, so I could change connections if I needed to

The last file is the board file, but with all the components smashed so I could get the labels not overlapping everywhere.

Hope this helps anyone!

drum synth.sch (199 KB)

drum synth.brd (32.4 KB)

drum synth smashed.brd (44.3 KB)

For a beginner's guide to hobbyist PCB creation, see...

Thanks, but I think that after this, I've already learned the basics of pcb design. Ad that page is also kind of irrelevant, because I dontplan on making hand-drawn pcbs.

sciguy, thanks for posting the design files.

No problem!

very cool. thanks a lot !

So, all you done was building the drum synth ?!? Got disappointed as i expected a Arduino version of it lol Thanks anyway !!

It's all done, you can see it in the video. I never got around to putting in the second half of it inside that box (all the extra holes).

And sorry, I had originally posted this NOT in "exhibition", because I didn't want people disappointed it wasn't arduino! but a mod moved it... :P

Though it wouldn't be hard at all to make an arduino version. I should try it sometime. Maybe a drum sequencer on my WIP arduino synth.

tkbyd: For a beginner's guide to hobbyist PCB creation, see...

Nothing quite as boring as a page with no pictures