First Impression (from me)

Today i started the first time the arduino 2 IDE (arduino-ide_2.0.0-beta.12_Windows_64bit)

Startup time: not really good
As i know first start maybe take some time i was waiting. First the logo comes up, after a while (round about 2 min) the ide seems to start. I saw the window in whith and not really responding, and the logo is visible, too. Under the logo, so that i dont can press the button, 3 Windows messages from the firewall appearing. I saw them, but i can't press any button, and i can't move them, because the logo is in front of them. After 3 min, the logo disapears, and i can push the buttons on the messages.
So i close all windows and try again, the IDE now comes up in round about 1:30 min. (The old one 1.8.x is up and running on the same machine in round about 20sec! (i7 16GB M2 SSD))

Handling, Window positioning: ok
But why can't i close the output window. On programming i don't need this. I can maximise and minimise, but i can't close it. It cost round about 1/3 screensize, which i need on programming.

Syntax Highlinting: nice, but ther are some bugs...
i really like the syntax highlighting. But sometimes it's just too slow, marking errors that I changed minutes ago.
And some Constants are marked as unknown. (like E2END)

multifilehandling: Expandable
it's working ok, you can switch to the right editor on clicking the method.
A little bug on deleting files. if you delete a file via menu, the file is delete on the filesystem, but the editor show only a (deleted) text behind the name. Only a restart helps.

I hope it will be ok if I put more things that I find here as answers.

  • Auto format is not working.

Is it actually not working or is it not doing what you think it should ?

If i use the menu or the CTRL+T nothing happens, even if i wrongly ident something.

For me using Windows 10, both work, albeit often quite slowly for CRTL+T

I don't actually like what Auto Format does to the code and look forward to customising it, which should be possible, but I am yet to find out how

Working on Win 11, latest build.

So is it working or not ?

This poor user experience is being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here:

You can. It is the icon at the bottom right corner of the window.

The fact that it is not very intuitive is being tracked by the Arduino IDE developers here:

There have been some significant improvements to the Arduino Language Server that provides these capabilities. That was done after the time of the outdated version you are using.
Please try the latest release (currently 2.0.0-rc1). You can download it from the "Assets" section of this page:

This bug is being tracked by the ARduino IDE developers here:

This is another of the Arduino Language Server features that have been improved since 2.0.0-beta.12. Please try it again with the latest release.

I am glad to hear that these issues have already been added.

On the software side of (Thats where i yesterday download the Beta) there is no sign of the RC1.

But i'll give it a try...

I'm working on win 11. But the formatter is not working. :wink:

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