First Impressions

Im using a linux box (Ubuntu) with XFCE as my GUI of choice

The installer asked me about 4 times for my root / sudo password, surely once should be enough? After install my wallpaper disappeared, luckily after logging out / in again it was restored to its former glory but it was a little bit shocking at the time (from tranquil river scene to shocking purple diamonds)

After installing the plugin, I was hoping there would be a way of using the plugin offline via web browser... I have to login and to login / use the IDE I have to be online, unplugging network cable as a test resulted in ugly messages ....

So my concerns:

  1. If I am online and I loose my connection what happens to my work?

  2. If I am out in the middle of remote Africa teaching micro controller programming how am I going to show them how to edit sketches if there is no internet connection?

I really do hope that there is going to be a non web based version or at least an offline plugin to complement the web based stuff. I'm not saying this is a bad idea or a step backwards but without an alternative offline ide its going to be difficult for the "poorer" guys who don't have reliable internet access to get any foothold in micro electronics or programming, if Arduino is about access to open hardware then this has to be universal, web it great but there has to be an alternative when there is none or at least no reliable services.

Hi @tombrough,

unfortunately asking for root password multiple times is necessary because we are asking authorization for multiple different operations and each one has to be authorized specifically in Linux systems.

I understand your concerns about connectivity issues, but Arduino Create Editor is intended as a cloud service and it strictly depends on internet connection. We probably will implement some offline feature in the future, but in the meantime you will always have the Arduino desktop IDE ( for the cases you mentioned.