First mismatch at byte 0x004b 0x10 != 0x00

I was writing a program on Arduino. I've uploaded my sketch many times to Arduino to see if it is working, evrytime with some minor changes (typical behaviour).
During one of the uploads I've gotten this error:

avrdude: verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x004b
0x10 != 0x00

After that my Arduino doesn't work. I 've tried uploading Blink sketch to see if it can work properly, but it didn't. I also change USB ports and cables but the problem is still there. My oder Arduino boards work properly. I have a problem with original Arduino Uno board.

Does someone know what could be the issue?

Thank you in advance for your effort.

You can burn the Bootloader on the bad Arduino using one of the good ones.