First post- Need some advice (MIDI input output related)

Hi all. I am new to adruino. I ve been having a issue and i think that adruino might be the solution for it. The issues is this:

I have a keyboard that has a MIDI output and in the Midis i use there are lyrics as well (in the form of metadata, like a karaoke). The thing is that i want to make a adruino to have it connected with that MIDI output and then using a video output have that text projected on a LCD screen or whatever and then have use that adruinos midi output to have it connected with the midi generator.

So the question is: is this possible using a adruino? If yes can anyone here give me some guidelines or advice? Thank you in advance

I'm not sure if the Arduino can handle that... The processing doesn't sound too demanding, but the video capability of the Arduino is limited. The limited RAM & ROM may be the biggest issues. If you just want text you can probably do it. You can get a MIDI shield (add-on board) for the Arduino.

If the Arduino looks too limited, check out the [u]Rasberry Pi[/u]. It's sort of a "competitor" to the Arduino, but it's got built-in composite video and HDMI ports (and audio). I've never used the Rasberry Pi.