First posts


I am trying to post my first forum topic. It continues to say that I can't post a link until I have posted before. Well, my first post is about help parsing a URL with the ethernet shield.

Surely there has to be a better way of restricting this.


There is. Your first post can contain no links. But, once you have made that first post, you can edit it to put the links in.

The purpose of this restriction is to keep spammers out. For the most part, it works quite well.

As a result, there is little desire to change it. By the time you're done complaining about the "problem", it isn't a problem any more.

Thanks for sharing. When I posted my first one, I could add no link and I didn't understand why, that annoyed me. Now I'm clear

First post-ing; don't mind me.

My first apologies if this is not cool...just a noob. cheers!!! groov

Ah, a first post dumping ground.. excellent!

I also make myself guilty of posting a false first post then

i wanted to ask something about my code but i cant, sorry but let me borrow your thread heheh as my 1st post =P

Yup, you guessed it. My first post here. :sunglasses:


You know, I'm sure its been suggested already- but if it hasn't, there really ought to be an "Introductions" or "Hi I'm new" forum under the General section, with a descriptor encouraging folks to make their first post an introduction. People seem to do that a lot anyway, it seems also to be a logical place to "warn" about the no-links-on-first-post thing, and designates a specific area for this sort of thing.

Sure there will be those that miss the roadsign, but creating a landing spot for this type of thing might be a nice feature..

just my first post