first project: Acceleration-based / Wireless / MP3 player setup.

Hey guys. I'm new to arduino, (and fairly new to electronics), and want to start my first project, but am over-whelmed by all the things available to purchase.

Here is what I am looking to do:

I want to make a light-saber that wirelessly sends signals to speakers that will play a different tune (saber-sound) depending on how quickly the saber is moving.

What I THINK I need:

In the saber: - A small Arduino. (smallest possible size would be ideal... perhaps the Arduino Pro Mini 328?): ( - an Xbee: ( - an Accelerometer module: ( - some sort of EL wire or LED tape: (

in the speaker-box: - Arduino Uno R3 ( - MP3 player shield: ( - Wireless SD shield: ( *do people stack shields? i imagine it would be possible so long as they don't have conflicting pin connections... - Xbee: ( - Then a 12V car battery and some automotive 6x9" speakers.

My question to you guys: - What do you think about my list?

I'd like to buy everything I need in one go, and I'd rather not be buying stuff that I can't use for this project. So any advice about purchasing the necessary components for this project would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Just noticed: This may be better placed in the "Project Guidance" section. It seems I am un-able to delete my own post. Sorry about that. I'll wait for a Mod to move it if need be.