First Project: Audio Activation via Sensor - Is my Planning Correct?

Hello everyone,

I am new here and I am finally approaching my first Arduino project. I would be pleased to receive feedback with regard to my planning. I already read a lot of stuff and made my own thoughts. Therefore, I do not want a fully planned-out scheme :wink: I would like to kind of pitch my idea so that you can give me feedback.

What I would like to do:
When entering a room a sensor (PIR sensor) senses my entering and via Arduino a speaker plays a song or any other kind of audio file.
Someone on youtube did this not with audio but with a light switching on/off (unfortunately, it's in German, sry).

What I need:
I think I need to buy the following items (wires etc. not included; that's something I worry about later^^)

  • Arduino Uno Rev3
  • Grove - PIR motion sensor
  • mini breadboard
  • Stereo Enclosed Speaker OR DFPlayer (store code: TPX00076 | new members are not allowed to post more than two links^^)?

My Questions:

  • Are these components the correct ones? Or would you recommend something else?
  • I am confused with regard to the speakers. Which one is suitable and which one not and why?
  • What am I missing?
  • Any further advices before I start?

Thanks a lot for any advice. As I said I do not expect a scheme by you guys. I want to try this on my own. However, any advice is useful to prevent unnecessary costs and time loss :wink:
It's my first project and I would love to hear from you what you think.

Many thanks in advance

You will need something driving the speakers, something to house the sound file and power supplies.

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Thanks for the feedback!
driving the speakers + housing the sound file: that's why I thought I could use the DFPlayer? This seems to do both? I was not sure what it really does.

I missed the DFPlayer. It will surely run the speakers but does it have SD card reader also? If so, then the powering of the parts is all to add.

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The description says it has a tf card (which seems to be some kind of sd card. Never heard of it before).
Alright, then I will add a power supply to my list.
Thank you!

Okey. How to prepare that tf card with the music file? Investigate that!