First Project: Controller for wav. files on PC

Hello Arduino World!

As I am a bloody beginner, here is my question:

I want to have 10 Triggers (wich i connect to the digital inputs of my Arduino UNO).
Each Trigger should simply start a wav. File, and loop it. Until another Trigger is pressed.

So there are ten small wav. files and ten triggers.

Thats it :slight_smile:

Very best

Ah forgot to ask the question about it :smiley:

I know how to use if/else for checking the triggers.

But I didnt find some sound library or something, do i need processing here?

Each Trigger should simply start a wav. File

Start it doing what where?

But I didnt find some sound library or something

You need a wave shield - something that can store and play the .wav files.

no the arduino is still connected to the computer,
it should work as a sort of controller for the wav files on the computer.

Trigger 1 pushed -> pay (and loop) sound1.wav
Trigger 2 pushed -> stop sound1.wav from playing/looping, start sound2.wav instead.
Trigger Y pushed -> stop soundX.wav, play/loop soundY.wav

But the sounds and program is just on the computer, the arduino should just function as a controller.


Trigger 1 pushed -> pay (and loop) sound1.wav

The Arduino can't do that. It can detect that switch n was pressed, and send serial data that says something like "Hey, somebody stomped switch n. Get busy playing file xxxx" or simply "n".

It is up to an application on the PC to read that serial data, and make the right stuff happen.

Processing can be used to create applications that talk to/listen to Arduino. It can also be used to create applications that play music files. There are even example files provided that do both things. Combining them into a single application is not that difficult.

Though, if the Arduino is connected to the PC, why pushing buttons on the PC, or clicking icons on an application running on the PC, can't handle the task isn't clear. Exactly what is/are the trigger(s) for the Arduino so talk to the PC?

actually i am not 100% sure either, i am trying to help a friend.

he wants triggers on different spots in a aroom for some kind of installation, as i got it he wants to simply use two metallic plates that having contact(or not) as "triggers".

i am already searching through processing examples, but it doesnt work that good till now :slight_smile: