First Project, how do I start?


My computer coding experience is limited to putting formulas into Excel. That being said, i am jumping into arduino, and i would like your help.

What i want to do is:

  1. Have a setup that records a physical input in realtime, ie a a position sensor on an analog tachometer.
  2. Keeps the recording,
  3. Plays back the recording on another output, ie recreates the tachometer readings on a desktop gauge cluster.

Yes, i know there are modern computer controlled tachs that can do this, i don't want to install one on the car, it would spoil it, and two I want to do it myself.

I have always been a hardware guy, hence the pre computer car :), so the actual input hardware and output hardware i can figure out myself, but i don't know about the software or which arduino i should get. If You could help i would be much appreciative.


P.S. i picked this because i thought it would be simple and easy way to learn, if there is some complication that i am not aware of please let me know, and if You could suggest a better starting point. Thank You.

Rather than trying to check the analogu meter hand position, I believe, there is a pulse (digital) signal that feeds into the analogue meter. I would try to use that.he

I assume you have or will be running some of the example codes, and making modifications as you do, to get the feel for the sketch coding.