First project hygrotherm build

I keep gargoyle geckos and would love to create a device that will monitor temp and humidity in two places of the enclosure and then output that onto a screen and also I want it to be WiFi connected to log data and send emails if something goes out of wack. My question is where do I start and what components will I need. Iv done basic programing and basic electronics before but that's it.

I would start with each component in turn:

"monitor temp and humidity in two places" Try a couple of DHT11 temperature and humidity sensors. Search for 'DHT11 Arduino' for examples and libraries.

" output that onto a screen " Try a 16x2 LCD. Search for 'lcd 1602 Arduino' for examples. The built-in LiquidCrystal library will help.

"want it to be WiFi connected" Try and Arduino WiFi Shield. Search for 'Arduino WiFi Shield" for examples. The built-in WiFi library will help.