First Project - Motors and Button

Hi All,

Looking for some friendly advice for a beginner. I've currently got an Uno and a Motor Shield from Maplins. What I'm looking for is some help on wiring up to the Uno a DC Motor and a Push button.

Is the best way to be plug the shield into a breadboard to free up the pins for the push button?

Thanks in advance!


Although a shield plugs in to every pin on the arduino, it is important to know that it does not use every one of them.

Which motor shield you have bought, do you have a link to the product?

You should really be putting the shield on to the arduino and using the spare pins which you could then feed to a breadboard for the switch. the Motor can be powered straight from the shield but you will get better answers if you show us which shield you have bought.

Hi Thanks for you answer,

This is the shield that I have got...It might not be the best way to go about what i'd like to achieve...

Ultimately I'd like to have a two buttons "up" and "down", which control the direction of the motor.

What would be the best way to go about building this project?