First project need breaking down, suggestions?


So I got my arduino board and am planning to make an autonomous project, Gps, compass, steering and speed control. But I always thought I should break it down into smaller projects so I can test and get the code working before I commit the cash to building the thing I want to use it on.
I have a gps and compass coming.

Any suggestions on how to slow the learning curve or suggestions on a project I should make first?


See Robin2's

Wow my response just got lost when the page reloaded, that's not good. I started a read thru the tutorial and was thinking I would start it first for sure. There is a lot in it that I'll need to learn.

It gave me a good idea for my first project as well. I think I'll put my compass on top of a digital servo and get it to keep the compass pointing north by turning it. I'll already know how to move the servo and the compass I believe connects to 2 analogue inputs so that's sorted as well.

Any thoughts for what my next read might be after Robin2's that would point me in the right direction or would that project idea not be ideal?


A lot depends on your own personal learning style.

My suggestion is to get your first idea working before figuring out your subsequent reading / study / experminent list because what you learn while doing the first project will greatly influence your next line of study.

I find that browsing Threads on the Forum brings me into contact with ideas that I would not otherwise explore - both things to do and things to avoid. And it may give you an opportunity to help others, perhaps with knowledge that you have from other activities.

Have a look at Nick Gammon's Useful Links Thread.