first project, need some help

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build 2 elevators and obviously I need 2 motors. The problem is, I want to control both elevators independently, on a single arduino uno. From my research, I believe an h-bridge should do the trick, however I need to clear some of my doubts.

My first issue is power. Will my arduino be enough to power both motors simultaneously? I'll progressively add more loads(LED's, lcd screen) as the project moves forward. If i need more power, which batteries should i get? Another question,(I'm a newbie so this may sound dumb), how many motors can an H-bridge control? Is it 2?

parts: -two 5v dc motors -SN754410 Quad Half H-Bridge

thanks, castusFood

Arduino should power no motors. Power for motors should come from an external supply that is grounded to Arduino ground.

Can drive 2 motors. 1/2 are for motor 1. Drive 1 Hi & 2 Lo for spin in one direction; 2 Hi and 1 Lo for spin in the other direction. PWM on 1/2EN for speed control. 3/4 are for motor 2

I don't know what the current draw is on your motors. A 4 cell battery pack (6V total) that only supplies the motor power should probably be used with the Gnd connected to Arduino Gnd as noted. D-cells will last longest, then C, AA, and finally AAA. A big 6V lantern battery (which is like F cells I think) will last even longer.