First project: Pushbutton switchbank

I thought this would be a great first time project for me. I call it a switch bank.
Its kind of like the pushbuttons on an old casetteplayer, for example. The main function is that, if I press a button, it latches. When I press another button, the previous button de-latches, and the new button latches. Only one button can be pressed down at any given time. Another "bonus" would be that, if I press the already pressed button a second time, it unlatches.
This I would like to do with illuminated momentary switches.

Did I make myself understandable? Hope so.

Did I make myself understandable?


Is that the only question that you have? It's definitely feasible.

How many of these switches are going to be in your project?

Three switches. If I had only two, that would make it real simple with a pair of logic gates…

I don’t know where to start. I don’t know any coding.

When button_1 is pressed set a variable current_button = 1.
For button _2 set to current_button = 2. etc.
Then let Your code act according to current_button.