First Project, questions about Neopixel and Bluetooth

Good evening everybody! I'm fairly new not only to these forums, but to building with Arduino as a whole. I am currently working on a project, that will end up as a USB powered, RGB Bluetooth lamp, Using an Arduino Uno Rev 3. however, I am having a bit of an issue. I can't seem to find a way to power the neopixel 12x led ring using the provided 5V port. I've tried to find tutorials on it, but there seems to be none. the only tutorial I can find (the Neopixel Uberguide) seems to suggest the only way to use a Neopixel is with an external power source. Is that accurate?

If you have 12 pixels and all are 255,255,255
.06amps *12 = .72 amps + Arduino current, too much for the Uno.


I just found an online tutorial on youtube of a fellow using the power sources on his Arduino Gamma in order to power his Neopixel, which is the same size as mines. is it a problem of the board burning out? what would help in the situation that using the on board power won't work?

The Arduino (USB) fuse is rated at .5 amps.

If you use the on board voltage regulator it will get hot, maybe very hot.
But, this is a using an external supply.

If you use the 5v supply pin you could be OK.
But this is using an external supply.

Sounds like you are using Bluetooth also therefore even more current.

yes, currently I want to be able to utilize both the 12x led neopixel ring and the Bluetooth module in my project. that definitely calls for a external power supply, right? in a project I'm trying to keep small, it just seems like such an inconvenience to have to find a small sized but large Amp power source.