First project RGB Controller - Could use some help

Hello guys, first time posting here and first time using Arduino, so I'm trying to tinker a little in this first project,

The idea is an RGB controller for my CPU fans, I'm using an Arduino Leonardo, LEDs ARGB WS2813, and for power supply, a data cable used in the original RGB fans controller (similar to these

I'm also using the tinkercad to try to mockup the system (so I don't burn anything :slight_smile: ), and I used a dummy code just to make things run (so you can disregard that)

The "project" can be seen in the figure attached

So far what I'm most not sure is about the ground cable connections and if I need to put a capacitor or resistors in the system, the rest I'm just almost not sure lol

Any feedback/help/boon from the gods would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!

It's advisable to put a series resistor in the data lines between the Arduino and the strips. Also to put an electrolytic capacitor between Vcc and GND of each strip, as close to the strip as possible. See e.g. below schematic

You should wire Vcc and GND from the power supply directly to the strips.

Is there a reason why you connect the data lines all strips to the same pin? That way you will not have an option to have different colours for the different strips. You can connect the Dout of one strip to the Din of the next strip.

Or use individual pins on the Arduino

Whether you need extra capacitors (those LEDs may benefit from some bulk capacitance) depends largely on your power supply, and how many LEDs you actually use.

It's recommended to have a small resistor in the data line between the Arduino and the LEDs.

Whether that has any effect in Tinkercad I don't know - it's just a simulator, not real life.

Thanks for the answers guys.

Just clarify, the power supply should be the sata power cable just like


and I'll have 72 leds that'll be in use (I don't know if it can be seem clearly on the image, but there are 72 leds there too)

Any tips on the capacitor uF and resistor Ohms?

Whether that has any effect in Tinkercad I don't know - it's just a simulator, not real life.

Hahaha I know, is just to give an idea =)

I really appreciate the tips guys! thanks!

See image in reply #1 for values :wink:

I don't know what that power supply is; rather post a link to the specs / datasheet. Did it come with the leds that you're planning to use? If so, it should be OK.

Oh I thought the values were placeholders lol

Yes the cable came with the fans (gonna keep in mind to post try to post the datasheet next time, thanks for the tip)

Thanks again for the help!

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