First Project: Touch Table-Midi Controller

Hi everyone, This is my first Arduino project: The idea came from last xmas. Me and some classmates were Vj for my college party. Then we got a problem, there was no Input for the Projector from the Stage. So we had to stay back stage, in another room, far from the audiences. We had to stay there, do the Vj jobs, when people were enjoying the party......

But it was the past, here is our future (well, maybe :p) -A Table with 5 x 5 grid. -Surface is made by Plexiglass -Each small square has 1xRGB LED and 1xInfrared Sensor -1 x MIDI out port on the side of the Table -When you touch a Square, the Led light changes color, and Arduino sends a MIDI note through the MIDI out port. -The whole table is powered by 4 x AA Batteries ( 4 x Eneloop 2000mah last about 2hours) , in combine with the MidAir MIDI wireless Transmitter, I have a quite interesting wireless MIDI Keyboard for Wireless Vj

Here is some Videos: -Early Test:

-Vj With Touch Table (completely wireless)

P/s: sorry for my bad english