First project using a relay to cycle a push type solenoid


Im new to Arduino and was wanting to start slowly. Just want to program an Uno-R3 to control
a relay to cycle a solenoid, but cant find a suitable example and need help.

Depends on your solenoids Voltage, Wattage and if its AC or DC ?

If its say a 12 or 24 v DC then its probably better to use a power transistor or better still a Mosfet.

If its a mains voltage then a Relay or Triac.

Sorry its a dc 12v relay and Im using the relay instead of a transistor to learn the relay option. For now I just want to use the
relay to control a solenoid and push a button repeatedly. My plan is to learn this piece first then add additional function using
the 8ch relay module.

Thanks for the quick reply.

There are countless examples of driving a relay out there, here is just one that will work for you; any similar small npn transistor should work ok.

+Vcc = 12v dc the diode can be any 1N4001 - 7

Some points to be aware of, you do not mention what the power type of your solenoid is, but they can cause a lot of electrical interference when switching on or off, that may cause the Ardunio to Reset or malfunction.
You may need suppressor across the relays contact if things are bad.

You say "repeatedly" , hopefully you do not mean every couple of seconds or so ?

What you buy a relay module, be aware that if its a 5v module then its power rail should be separate from the Arduinos power rail, if using the same rail then again the Arduino chip may have problems.

One reason to stick with 12v relays imho

Thanks again for the example! I do plan to use an external 12v supply. Im basically using items I have laying around,
a push type 12v dc 4N solenoid, 8 ch arduno relay board, and the uno-r3.

I plan to cycle the solenoid over and over with a delay for each cycle for x number of times as my 1st project.