First Project, Wifi LED Xmas Baubles

Hi there.

I'm embarking on my first project using Arduino and i'm after some advice (obviously).

I've bought 10 clear Baubles and i want to install a couple (or maybe a cluster of 4) of Sample RGB LED into each one (or maybe one larger RGB LED, recommendations please), ideally i would like the baubles to be independent units, programable via a wifi or Blue Tooth connection, but the cost of 10 WiFi RedBack's might just break the bank :S

Since my budget isn't massive i'm planning to use a base station (Uno) and quite a bit of cabling to provide the power and signal to the led clusters.

I'm just after some advice about

a:) what kind of LED i should use (recommendations) b:) what kind of cabling (has to weather proof). c:) and any other advice you guys might have.

I've got the computer programming side of it down, i'm just not 100% sure about what electronics to use atm (and there's way to much choice) but hey this is a learning experience so maybe i should try a few.

The effect i'm trying to achieve with this project is an installation that allows all 10 baubles (at first) to be controlled (turned off and on) from a frontend client interface (in this case a webpage - more on that later), each bauble will also play a sound fx or note (haven't decided yet).

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Thought i would post a few pictures as i go along so here's the first.

The plastic housing for all of the baubles electronics, along with a sample RGB LED, not sure if this is the right way to go or not any advice appreciated.