First Project - wireless temperatue sensor


I wanted to build my first project and was looking at a temperature sensor for my baby’s bedroom.

I wanted it to be wireless so it didnt need to be near the computer (iMac).

what board and parts would you recommend?


wireless so you do not need a pc

i’d use a arduino hooked upto a mains 9-12v transformer or a 9v battery

No I want to use the computer to receive readings from the arduino board without having to have a wired connection.

This will allow me to use the computer to email me if the temperature exceeds a certain amount etc.

I would like it to ideally work on a battery.


The Maxim DS18S20 is a nice, easy to use temperature sensor.

For the wireless part, the easiest way of doing it is with an Xbee.

You could use a 433Mhz transmitter and receiver as well, which would be cheaper than an Xbee, but a bit more complicated to use

could I use a wifi module to connect to my computer to see the board without the need for 2 xbee units with one connected via usb?